“Digging through slabs of wood while looking for character, color, cracks, knots, and beauty is a really enjoyable process. It always gives a deeper understanding of the materials that bring custom creations to life.”   

Custom Furniture

I enjoy making custom pieces for residential and commercial clients. Each piece requires a different process: often a combination of machine and hand techniques. I start with broad ideas, sketching through each of them and then working through the technical details. Once a customer chooses a final design, I source local and naturally dried woods whenever possible. Once I have the materials, the entire process can take several weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the design.

Wooden Objects

This is the place where tangibility and clean design meet. Some of this work has been commissioned and some is currently for sale!


Who doesn’t love writing with fire? Pyrography is the process of burning a design onto wood or leather using a heated metallic tool. I am always down for custom woodburning adventures as well.